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The Armin Strom resonance watch's most interesting Omega Replica Watches feature is its use of a different principle to the Journe. It uses the theories of Christiaan Huygens, omega replica watches not Breguet. I find it interesting that Omega Replica Watches Instagrammers claim that the Breguet method is the only valid way to achieve resonance in a wristwatch. However, Omega Replica Watches Christiaan Huygens was actually born 52 years Omega Replica Watches before Breguet. Huygens is the inventor of the pendulum clock, which was invented in 1656. Huygens is also known for being the first to develop mathematical physics and theoretical physicists in the world. His accomplishments as a Omega Replica Watches watchmaker were only one part of his legacy. (See Wikipedia here. Armin Strom cites the Huygens approach of Omega Replica Watches resonance as the basis for his 1665 experiment that showed how two pendulum clocks suspended from the same wooden structure will oscillate in a state called resonance. This is due to the wood vibrating through the wood.

The Breguet approach, as it is expressed in the Journe, relies on sonic resonance to precisely position the balance wheels. It does not Omega Replica Watches require a vibrational intermediary. Its operation can seem almost magical. Armin Strom, however, had a Omega Replica Watches different goal than the Journe. Claude had a broad goal to develop a better alternative to the tourbillon, both Omega Replica Watches operationally and visually. He wanted to be able to counteract the gravity effects on the escapement and create something that would be more appealing than an exposed dial-side-tourbillon. Claude spent many years trying to harness the Christiaan Omega Replica Watches Huygens' experiments to create a patented mechanical "clutchspring" that acts as a vibrational synchronization controller. This coupling could also produce the watch’s captivating Omega Replica Watches dial-side "pulsation". I believe that Claude succeeded admirably. It is truly captivating to see the synchronized motions of the two balance wheels combined with the rhythmic, rhythmic pulse of Armin Strom’s resonance clutch spring. This compelling visual benefit can only be achieved with the Huygens method.